05 April 2018
Angels, Silence, Light

Grilled Birds' Supporter Week Trophy ended on a wholly even keel, with five wins, five losses and a +6 goal difference. It was 1-2 on the last day, however, with Dutch fifth division side AngelsUnited running up a two-nil lead by the twelfth minute, thanks to some devastating running by their South Korean forward Kook-Hyun Kim. Thione Seck was sent off for a scuffle with Moey Xin Seng - who also got booked - shortly after, but Angels held on to a 4-2 win despite being a man down.

English Division Four club THE WHITE SILENCE were dashing in their trademark checkerboard strip, but they had nothing on the Birds' dynamism down the wings, with Künzler and Romijn raising Grilled to 3-0 by the 23rd minute. Arseniy Boreyko spurned a sitter from a late corner, and Kalki Parvathaneni would slam the door shut with a fifth.

Parvathaneni was also very active towards the end against CD Blanco y Negro of the Chilean fourth division, but it would be a mere formality this time, with Blanco already 5-1 up by the 62nd minute. It was a match that could have gone either way, but Blanco's former national U-20 midfielder Hiroito Rebolledo was a cut above the rest today.

Farmer Bunnies would do themselves proud with a 6-2-2 final record, which included a memorable victory over reigning Azerbaijani Güclülər Dəstəsi champions Maaspoort United. Maaspoort, owner of ten major national trophies, pulled no punches, but the Buns refused to commit errors in this extremely tactical encounter, and Brendan Leung's excellent finish on the counter against Kateb Yousif decided the match.

Vishnu Tallapaka, who skippered the Buns to this notable accomplishment, could hardly contain himself afterwards. "Playing national leaguewinners isn't something we get to do every day, and beating them into the bargain, well..."

The Buns were swiftly humbled 0-2 by Las Cigüeñas de Orriols, who had just tamed Grilled Birds in a friendly last week as well. They had one last shot at quality opposition, à la former Swiss cupwinners and fifth division titleholders basler-Kingsclub67, and early strikes by Enzo Paolo Panzarino and Wong Ting Yew had them retire on a high.

Grilled International's own win-draw-loss history was 2-3-5, and they started the day with a narrow loss to Barbados Division Three outfit CircusParadise. Norwegian midfielder Jan Johansen found a gap in just the third minute, and after an eventful first half, CircusParadise managed to stifle play to the final whistle.

A much more lively four-all draw against Danish H.I. side Escortbanden If followed, which saw Ragib Banović and Hugo Priebe jostle for attention in their respective frontlines. International finally hit a winning note against Ukrainian H.I. club Iam, who did manage to retain some dignity through Leonid Tyapushkin's nifty if belated consolation goal, in a 1-4 loss.

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