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04 April 2018
Skipper Shows Way

Moey Xin Seng was restored to the Grilled lineup after his recovery, and promptly reminded the team of what they had been missing. Polish fifth division FCKajtekMaster were on the wrong end of his comeback show, with Moey whipping his comrades into shape, after Robert Makarski had given Kajtek a 12th minute lead. Untrammeled Grilled dominance followed, and it was 7-1 before Antoni Kostrzewa could answer through a penalty gift.

Although Grilled then went down 3-4 to German Division Seven hosts Dolziger Straße, it was at least nothing like the complete capitulations that had come before. This was then repaired against the Italians of Cacio e Pere is back, with Kalki Parvathaneni blasting two past them in the first half. Further good work on the wings saw the Birds finish 5-2 winners.

The Bunnies were unbowed on Day Two, but points were hard to come by, as they managed successive draws against Koninklijke F.C. Wilskracht (Dutch Division Five) and S.S. Lazio Wien (Austria Division Four). They were perhaps fortunate to have Vivian Grubenmann on top form for the former to preserve a goalless tie, while Enzo Paolo Panzarino's equaliser appeared to have set them up for Tham Leng Teck to take it against S.S. Lazio Wien... only for Georg Wallner to make it two-all with a moment of genius late. Morgan Hu teased an instant reply, but Krzysztof Samsel made a scarcely-less notable fingertip save.

With their admittedly extremely faint hopes of making the last sixty-four now all but gone, the Buns would take on Montenegro second division club Scigliano2 next, and Wong Ting Yew's nondescript 23rd minute goal turned out to be enough. The Buns never managed to add to that, and might have fallen prey to another reversal, had Grubenmann not been alert when Smajil Ćećer came calling with eight minutes remaining.

Grilled International couldn't buy a win, as they lost against fellow H.I. clubs Forlorn Pines and Jamaican Lions. The Cambodian Pines were solid where it mattered, with veteran pair Cristi Dedu and Hur Arrue standing out with a goal and a yellow card each. International would again boss possession versus the Lions, but their defensive weakness would cost them dearly, resulting in a 2-3 defeat.

Ironically, they would manage to take a point off recently-demoted Polish Division Two club Futbol_Club_Barcelona, who further have a Szmaragdowy Puchar Drugiej Szansy in their trophy cabinet. Micky bin Kadir would strike decisively in the 52nd minute, securing the draw after Marcin Minga had given Futbol_Club_Barcelona the lead from an unchallenged cross.

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