Real ChamWin F.C 1 - 5 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 2), Season 6818 April 2018 04:30 HTT
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Real ChamWin F.CGrilled Birds
Marshall Hou (36)
Islom Davlatov (17)
Cyril Künzler (19)
Islom Davlatov (86)
Chu Xin Lee (87)
Cyril Künzler (88)

Season 52W0 - 4Tournament (Playoffs)

For Real This Time
Kwek Whacked

It was a rematch sixteen seasons in the making, with Real ChamWin F.C having picked up the Singapore Consolation Cup, but not yet made it to Division Two, in that long period. Little had changed about the scoreline in any case, as Grilled again won by four clear goals.
It was also Moey Xin Seng's century start for the club, although the captain's armband had been retained by Chan Ze Han for the event. The hosts were also skippered by a forward - Chilean Ataúlfo Cayupi in particular - and he almost assisted Wu Ho Tong in the twelfth minute with a neat chested ball sideways. Wu's strike flashed marginally wide, but one suspected that Massoud Dob would have gotten there otherwise.

ChamWin's fire was doused somewhat when Iman Eshrafi took winger Kwek Yun Guang down with a biting sideline tackle, and it was left to eighteen year-old trainee Toh Keng Kuan to pick up the slack. The home fans' indignation only grew as Moey wandered into the path of the free-kick restart, which led directly to Islom Davlatov's opener, after a magnificent long pass out by the Number Seven.

The hosts would have no time to complain, as Grilled then doubled their lead through Cyril Künzler, wholly legitimately this time. Florus Romijn tore past fullback Wu Wee Rong with Toh still finding his bearings, before ripping the low cross. ChamWin would be mollified to an extent when Marshall Hou reduced from a good build-up in the 36th minute, with the unpopular Moey booked into the bargain for interfering with play off the ball.

Sensing that things were not going as well as planned, Hovaness Noubaryan rotated Kalki Parvathaneni into attack in place of Eshrafi at half-time, with the Iranian further removed for Neeraj Muthyala shortly after. This rearrangement did jolt the Birds, and ChamWin had to depend on their Czech custodian Eduard Chochol to keep a fiercely-dipping Chu Xin Lee header out in the 57th.

Nevertheless, ChamWin's own fresh legs in Keba Tambadou and Ondrej Tahrinský were useful too, and their hopes of an equaliser were maintained, after Moey missed connecting on a well-worked set-piece 68 minutes in. ChamWin were having issues stitching play together in the final third, though, and despite Karl Friedrich Luritzhofe's best efforts at being a go-between, all too many of their attacks ended with over-ambitious unreachable through passes.

The slender lead persisted despite Ataúlfo Cayupi's own best efforts, but Grilled were not off the hook either, at least until Islom Davlatov bagged his second, with four minutes remaining. Parvathaneni had been scoping Tahrinský out for a long time, and finally got his due by luring the centreback aside just long enough for Davlatov to sneak through.

ChamWin's resolve crumbled at that, and Chu Xin Lee's quick snipe from the corner of the penalty area would be followed by Cyril Künzler's own chancy strike from a similar distance, which made the final scoreline look more impressive than it really should have been.

    Kamm At Brãila Bro
    Allergy Averted
    E For Excess
    For Real This Time
    Al-Maashany Injured
    Can Indeed Be Choo-sers
    Not So Fast Now
    Going Supernova
    Loki Absent
    Anxiety Melted
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