03 April 2018
Besar Barbados-Bound

Busy Bees graduate Besar bin Hj Zaim broke their transfer fee record, as he fetched S$918000 straight out of the youth setup, from Barbados Division Three club Caribbean DKvD. Although they have six Division Three trophies in their cabinet, Caribbean DKvD have yet to find a foothold above that level.

Their recent sale of four promising U-20 stars for a combined total of close to a staggering S$60 million strongly suggests that their Northern Irish legend Roger Pearson has a knack for turning unpolished hopefuls into pure gold, though, and Besar was rightly overwhelmed by the opportunity.

Grilled International head coach Tajit bin Mohd was scarcely less excited. "This is far more than what any of us had dared hope for." he acknowledged. "Besar's flying the flag for all of us."

Danish sixth division side Marslev G & IF, whose owners have well-known links to the Brunei national side, were the other interested party, but despite their stellar connections, it wasn't a hard choice for Besar and his advisors to make. Interestingly, Besar will be rubbing shoulders with German attacker Malte Bidner, who arrived at Caribbean DKvD from Marslev just a fortnight ago - and for a cool S$18 million.

Such rarefied pricetags may one day be the province of Besar himself, but the defensive midfielder is well aware that the process is hardly automatic. "I can't believe this myself, honestly." he managed.

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