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C1SIA Engineering Company vs Grilled Birds0 - 7
TGrilled Birds vs Gibbo Utd2 - 2
L1Grilled Birds vs Sarcastic Fringeheads0 - 4
TIFK Chelmsford City vs Grilled Birds3 - 3
C2PS Toraja Muda vs Grilled Birds0 - 5
TShiawase wa kumo no ue ni vs Grilled Birds4 - 2
L2-= Manchester United =- vs Grilled Birds3 - 3
TGrilled Birds vs FC Camdonia7 - 0
C3Team Boba vs Grilled Birds0 - 5
TGrilled Birds vs White Rose of Yorkshire5 - 3
L3Grilled Birds vs Villains F.C.2 - 2
C4FC Sattarian Island vs Grilled Birds0 - 5
TSchwalbe S.V. vs Grilled Birds7 - 3
TDe Rodenburcht vs Grilled Birds2021-09-17
L4Crypto Moon vs Grilled Birds2021-09-19
HM1Grilled Birds vs Los Courtney2021-09-20
C5Kungfu 11 vs Grilled Birds2021-09-22
L5Grilled Birds vs Random Curiosity FC2021-09-26
L6Robbie Football Club vs Grilled Birds2021-10-03
L7Grilled Birds vs Haha2021-10-10
L8Haha vs Grilled Birds2021-10-17
L9Grilled Birds vs Robbie Football Club2021-10-24
L10Random Curiosity FC vs Grilled Birds2021-10-31
L11Grilled Birds vs Crypto Moon2021-11-07
L12Villains F.C. vs Grilled Birds2021-11-14
L13Grilled Birds vs -= Manchester United =-2021-11-21
L14Sarcastic Fringeheads vs Grilled Birds2021-11-28

27 matches

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    Farewell To The Gold
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    Kept Waiting
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    Eredivisie Encounter Next
2016-08-01 00:37:41
anonymous: Thanks for the special mention :) I would just like to expre...
2015-08-17 18:50:02
anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
2015-06-13 03:08:41
anonymous: Rasha say
2014-12-14 16:56:39
gilbertlim: well, it seemed like that.
2014-12-12 18:26:33
anonymous: I didn't play a 4-5-2
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