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C1Zarampahuilo FC vs Grilled Birds0 - 10
L1-= Manchester United =- vs Grilled Birds1 - 3
C2Hanns vs Grilled Birds3 - 4
L2Grilled Birds vs Kim Tae Hee FC3 - 4
C3Benfleet Branch 2 vs Grilled Birds2 - 5
L3Joker 9B vs Grilled Birds0 - 7
TGrilled Birds vs FC Black Sheeps Chemnitz5 - 0
C4Grilled Birds vs Mia San Toa Payoh0 - 3
L4Grilled Birds vs Be Champions FC2018-12-16
TGrilled Birds vs Bagode2018-12-17
CS2Heaven Skys vs Grilled Birds2018-12-19
L5Mia San Toa Payoh vs Grilled Birds2018-12-23
TFCFC Gladbach vs Grilled Birds2018-12-24
L6Grilled Birds vs Robbie Football Club2018-12-30
L7Grilled Birds vs Real Balmoral2019-01-06
L8Real Balmoral vs Grilled Birds2019-01-13
L9Robbie Football Club vs Grilled Birds2019-01-20
L10Grilled Birds vs Mia San Toa Payoh2019-01-27
L11Be Champions FC vs Grilled Birds2019-02-03
L12Grilled Birds vs Joker 9B2019-02-10
L13Kim Tae Hee FC vs Grilled Birds2019-02-17
L14Grilled Birds vs -= Manchester United =-2019-02-24

22 matches

    The Lion Wants Didi
    Wings Ten And Done
    Gone Missing
    Jamaican Joust
    Khatib Heads North
    Sheep Gassed
    Welcome Distraction
    Island Take The Mick
    9B Was Not To Be
    Controlar Hold, Hel No
2016-08-01 00:37:41
anonymous: Thanks for the special mention :) I would just like to expre...
2015-08-17 18:50:02
anonymous: excellent read as always!- Yjorn
2015-06-13 03:08:41
anonymous: Rasha say
2014-12-14 16:56:39
gilbertlim: well, it seemed like that.
2014-12-12 18:26:33
anonymous: I didn't play a 4-5-2
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