27 April 2018
Pact Perono

Seeking to beef up their attack, Grilled International signed 20 year-old Italian forward Fausto Perono for a shade under S$6 million this afternoon, fulfilling Tajit bin Mohd's undertaking that the funds from László Kammer's sale would be reinvested in the squad.

"We all know what Micky's been doing, but objectively speaking, we could always do with more firepower." Tajit declared. "Perono is the model of a modern trequartista, and he will give us much-welcome flexibility in lining up against various setups."

Perono had been deployed sparingly in competitive matches at AS Cassia Roma, if through no fault of his own, given his deadliness in the ones that he did start - Napoli's S.C.SAVIANO for one found themselves on the receiving end of his hat-trick in the Coppa Appennini VII Serie. This potential attracted considerable interest when Perono began egging for a move, with Estrelas d`Avenida (Portuguese Division Six) and Marlon 2014 (Swiss Division Six) touted as possible destinations.

It was German seventh division outfit FC Mettbrötchen that were poised to acquire the talented forward, though, when Tajit made his - ultimately successful - move.

"We had Iran's Ehsan Haj Abdollah in our sights too, and believe me, it was a very tough call between them." Tajit continued. "The coaching staff took a very long time to come to consensus, and it was almost too late."

Now that the deal is done, Tajit hopes that their new Number Twenty will concentrate on adapting to the International system. "I have no doubt about his ability to put it in the back of the net, but we're also hoping to mould him into a more complete and rounded player. He needn't worry about being given time for that - we have plenty of it."

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