Grilled Birds 7 - 2 Grilled International
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6708 April 2018 04:30 HTT
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Chuzamba Chutzpah

Yuta Nakakita felt it necessary to acknowledge Micky bin Kadir after the contest. "I've heard plenty about him, seen him play live once, and he's a completely changed man from then." Yuta asserted.

"There's a... belief about his game, and although he's not the most skilled or even the strongest that I've faced, he just knows how to score. It's what you want from a striker, above all."

Ragib Banović, who was surprisingly, if not entirely undeservingly, named the unofficial Man Of The Match by the panel, gave a nod towards the gulf that International had before them. "We'll have to improve greatly, if we want to make a real fight of it next time."

The Farmer Bunnies would be humbled by former Paraguay División de Honor club Chuzamba, who have begun a revival under canny German head coach Sascha Boess, after long years in the Division Four wilderness. Eulogio Rejala put them ahead through a trick free-kick late in a turbulent first half. Daniel Nguyen would be sent off in the violent aftermath, which saw him lash out at Robert Ovelar, who had seemingly blocked his path towards the line of the strike.

That left a thoroughly-shackled Abderahim Bentellis as the Buns' only option up top, and the Buns' only chance of note came in the 76th minute, when Tham Leng Teck shot straight at Félix Figueredo after a rare concerted push. Rejala would then kill the game off in the 79th, with referee Köksal Leyli awarding the hosts a penalty out of nowhere.

Acting skipper Tham was rightly furious with the standard of officiating, and spent minutes excoriating Leyli's decisions to all who would listen, after the game. "It's ridiculous, and I fervently hope never to play another match with him in charge." he concluded.

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