Grilled Birds 4 - 2 Isle of Flames
League, Season 5807 June 2015 04:30 HTT
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Two Games To History

The other fixtures went about as well as could reasonably be expected, with Be Champions FC, who started the day in second place, caught unprepared for a Shining Lights team just waiting to impress at home. While Nic Zuberbühler gave the defending champions the early lead with his awareness, Lights would go on to dominate, and Petr Philipp's brace drew them above BCFC in the table.

It was a similar story at The Igloo Dome, as Pudgy Penguins recovered from their 12th minute defensive lapse to cave singnet_utd's much-vaunted defence in. The Singapore Cup holders had demonstrated just how hard they were to breach in their last two league matches, but they were up against a Penguins side desperate to stay in the hunt.

To make it worse for singnet_utd, United Warrior Team pulled off a notable upset away against Pearl Divers, whose cooling off towards the end was their undoing. Ukrainian midfielder Alexey Spiridonov would win it for the Warriors with six minutes to go, a result that sees them now equal with Divers on points.

One thing is for sure - interest in the S-League drama has only heightened after this round, with the Birds' clash against Shining Lights viewed by many as a possible title decider. Furthermore, after the happenings of the past month, it is difficult to take any fixture for granted, and both singnet_utd and United Warrior Team cannot be written off despite being up against Be Champions FC and Pudgy Penguins respectively.

Isle of Flames will meanwhile host Pearl Divers, and with absolute safety now out of reach for them, the loser of that game must be prepared to contemplate automatic relegation. "Every game is filled with significance." popular analyst Richard Pritz emphasized on air. "There are no dead rubbers, there can be no second thoughts!"

For Tian Yonghang, the sentiment does not have to be restated. "With all due respect to Shining Lights, we just have to win this one." the Grilled captain declared unambigiously. "Nothing more has to be said."

Farmer Bunnies have for one sewn up the IV.13 league title, as their 6-0 thrashing of gek singapore sees them seven points clear of Be FTLFs FC, with two rounds remaining. Daniel Nguyen continued to repay his mentors' trust with two well-taken goals, with Sofian Azfar's minor leg injury in the 20th minute being the Buns' only downer. Cheah Chang Ming was sent off late after fisticuffs with gek's Wang Dahe, but it was all long since wrapped up by then.

Bunnies head coach Elias van Dal congratulated his team on their second Division Four title, but again warned against inflated expectations. "We have sold off our first generation of defenders, and though our squad may have been enough at this level, the third division is a whole new kettle of fish."

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