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Amel Bou Saada 0 - 3 Grilled Birds
International Friendly (Cup Rules), Season 6704 April 2018 20:10 HTT
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Running To Mother

Hovaness Noubaryan lauded his team's uncommon tenacity. "This was a difficult fixture on paper, with Amel well poised to frustrate us. We didn't panic, which was great, and Tarin demonstrated the value of a top set-piece man."

Over in Kenya, the Farmer Bunnies destroyed Division Two runners-up Ma-Ma, whose reserve team couldn't quite handle the Buns' swarming defence. Striker Dan Bajdechi was clearly quality, but couldn't do it all himself, and the rainy conditions surely benefited the Buns much more in the 8-0 rout.

The final twenty minutes saw Daniel Nguyen, Vishnu Tallapaka and Sofian Azfar rushing to complete their hat-tricks, a feat that none of them ultimately managed. The hosts for their part saw Jaime Fernández Astiz limp off at the end of the first half after a turned knee, but all indications are that it thankfully isn't serious.

Grilled International prevailed over Slovakian Division Five hosts Senátor Bratislava C.F. 3-1 with Safari bin Hj Jali heading home just five minutes in, with Ragib Banović adding a second after a failed counter in the 32nd. Michal Klusáček powered through to reduce, however, but Sahari Jainal rounded out the scoring from an extended corner kick sequence, all before half-time.

International may be without 34 year-old Soo Kiong Yau for a long time, however, as the veteran defender was suspected to have torn his left calf, in trying to stop Klusáček's successful goal run. "It might even be career-ending in the very worst case, but we're not going to think too much about that yet." team medica Hj Seruji bin Hafiz revealed.

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