Arrogancae 5 - 0 Grilled Birds
League, Season 7218 August 2019 04:30 HTT
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Riding It Out

"It's going to be a long season." Noubaryan said, as he faced down the reporters. "Yeah, you lot will be hearing a lot of this. I mean, what do you want me to say? It's obviously not working out for us."

Who it was working out for would be Bot Team FC, who all but established themselves as odds-on favourites, after beating closest challengers Sarcastic Fringeheads away, by three goals to one. The hosts, fully recognizing what was at stake, threw everything at the Bots towards the end, only to have the trap sprung on them for a third from Fabio Trasferti, in injury time.

Arrogancae may have managed to rise above the Fringeheads with their victory today - level on twelve points with KingofNoobs United, who kept Haha out - but they remain fully seven points behind the leaders. Mia San Toa Payoh continued their revival, as they held on against United Legends FC, to rise to fifth place.

Farmer Bunnies' league ambitions suffered another big blow with a one-all draw against littlehorse, their fourth from seven league games. Their future seemed bright as trainee Sunil Patel opened his league account with a delightful counter as early as the eighth minute, but Roberto Brandi soon equalized. Kwek Yun Jie almost gave them the win, as he sidled into position on Grilled's final attack, only to drag it across goal. Toni Pirinen would be booked for flooring Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany as they chased it to the corner flag, but Spanish referee Héctor Díaz de Quintana would then court the ire of the Carrot Field crowd, but blowing for time immediately after the free-kick was taken.

Buns veteran Kwek Yun Jie refused to dwell on that. "We should have decided it long before then. Perhaps we have been too conservative in getting forward. It'll frankly be kind of hard to chase the title now, so let's hope for the Challenger Cup."

The only cheer to be found was then from Grilled International, who bounced back from a 0-6 friendly loss to former Iraqi Consolation Cup winners Kaanaa, to smash Belgium's K. Olsa Brakel 4-0 at home. Wang Hanxuan's 20th minute effort would be the only goal until the 71st, upon which Didi Reidenbach, Fausto Perono and Hardi bin Besar unleashed their collective fury on the winded Brakel side.

This sees International maintain a two-point lead at the top over Nice litle pingvin, who edged Manchesthair United FC through Joseph Bell's inventiveness, in a match of few chances. Recife Sport climbed over AC Uettligen into third with a 3-0 home win, and fc Snoetie enjoyed a 10-0 whipping of the hapless Uusimaa FC.

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