19 August 2019
Mo Time Mo' Fair

Grilled International saw another youth trainee earn his pro spurs, as Mo Mingren left for Italian Division Eight outfit Bolzano Star, a day after Vikas Chawla's departure. A versatile stopper equally at home in defence, midfield and anything in between, Mo had been acclaimed as one of the very best fifteen year-olds in the nation, when scout Daud bin Radiman brought him to the Busy Bees. While he had not progressed as much as hoped since then, he remained a competitive candidate for a good career.

"Bolzano are a super fit for Mo." Daud commented. "They are known for giving time to their youngsters, and have featured a couple of Chinese lads recently; Chan Fujian's just left for Colombia's No puede ser F.C., but Hong Konger Yung Zongkang should be good company."

Shifting attention to the HTDT-HT-Cup tournament, Farmer Bunnies followed the Birds out, as they were unable to break German V.149 representatives Perugia Calcio s.p.a. down. Nurlan Ablaev's final touch had failed him entirely, and Vishnu Tallapaka - so often the Buns' last resort from free-kicks - met his match in veteran goalkeeper Stefan Heise-Rotenburg.

Brendan Leung, who had a rare stint at right wing, bemoaned the referee's promptness with his whistle. "I thought that there could have been four, maybe five, minutes extra, easy. They weren't even playing football towards the end!"

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