30 August 2019
Wang To Nottinghamiedo

Farmer Bunnies trainee Wang Heng Chin would be taken up by Uruguay Division Five side Nottinghamiedo SC, ahead of interest from Italian VI.201 club BGT Football Club. The transfer became official this evening, after some drawn-out wrangling over the fine print.

Wang was remembered as a classy Number Ten with the Rancher Rabbits, if still a little too dainty to be considered among the best. "We were constantly trying to drill it into him that soccer's not just about the technique." Rabbits scout Tong Han Kong said. "He'd be a lot more useful, had he gotten stuck in more."

Tong hastened to add that there was plenty of time to cultivate that aggression in the 17 year-old Wang. "He's outgoing, that's for sure. With the right crowd, I'm sure he'll absorb the right ideas before long."

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