05 August 2019
Leeving With The Tide

Sentosa heritage club The Red Tide signed Farmer Bunnies youngster Dustyn Lee on a free today, with the 17 year-old striker eager to get his pro debut. A capricious entertainer, Lee has been knocked for trying unlikely stunts - but he pulls enough of them off for this to have been overlooked with the Rabbits.

It's unknown whether he will receive as much latitude with the reborn Tide, what with competition from homegrown idol Zabidi Danial Mohd Muslim, and former Pearl Divers trainee Sim Jia Eng. Now in their third incarnation, after a much-mourned closure of the original 27-season edition and a botched premature revival, The Red Tide appear to have put their former issues to rest, as they lead IV.9 with five wins of five thus far.

Rabbits scout Tong Han Kong advised his protégé to stay humble. "Dustyn's a good lad who gets a bit big for his britches at times. He's always had that invention to unlock stubborn defences, though, and given proper guidance, he will be an asset to any team."

It was sadly the end of the line for his Rabbits senior Reilly Poon, as well as Chicken Wings graduate Robert Goodlad. The duo had been fishing about for contracts for some weeks, but decided to bow out after being told that it was improbable.

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