06 August 2019
Chun Chin Goes Romania

Another Rancher Rabbits product would follow Dustyn Lee out of the door in good time, as playmaker Wong Chun Chin signed for Romanian VI.727 side Echipa strãzii, in a deal worth about S$265000. Unsatisfied with his team's performance in the league, Israeli head coach Ofek Rosenbaum tried to fix his goalkeeping worries with Spanish custodian Marcos Quintanilla, and is now looking to Wong for the future.

There is however every possibility that it will be a short-term stay, from how Echipa are already hawking similar youths such as Kornél Jeszenszky and Aurelian Dragomir. Rabbits scout Ooi Long Ming confirmed that this was fine with him, though. "Wong's not the type to sit on contracts. He'll be out to prove himself, and if it doesn't work out, well, there's always other clubs; Echipa understand that too."

"One thing I'll add, Chun Chin's a born leader. He exerts influence on his teammates almost without effort, which is a nice trait for a midfielder to have."

Wong had attracted early interest from local third divisioners Kampung Reunited as well as Argentinean Division Five outfit pupitrepo, but his most ardent admirers would be Zurich-based COLOURS of HAKI of the Swiss Division Six, and S.Antonio Picenza (Italian Division Seven). The flexibility of Echipa strãzii's offer turned out to be a key draw, however.

18 year-old Chicken Wings defender Ross Mu would meanwhile become one of l0s crxzad0s's burgeoning free transfer contingent, as the freshly-formed Chilean Division Six club look to embark on their journey. There was little between them and Spanish seventh division suitors arrobitas, and Mu revealed that he went for l0s crxzad0s "because they asked first".

This was already vindication of sorts for him, given the double whammy of being overaged, and having his initial foray into football hamstrung after being cut from Ambush F.C.'s youth squad. Few can deny that Mu has overcome that to develop into a quite confident modern ball-playing centreback, who might even put in a shift in midfield if needed.

Given how prolific their academy has been, it was only natural for Bunnies head coach Dalibor Kostadinović to be questioned as to the lack of youth in their senior squad; he responded that the logistics were against it.

"Our training schedule is tailored towards our national teamers lately, leaning much more towards the advanced stuff, and I don't think most youngsters would benefit quite as much. We always have an eye out for exceptional talents - Pearl Divers' ER Ramisetty, for example - but it would take someone truly, truly special to be able to squeeze in at the moment. Recall, even Richard Agyei had proven himself at international U-20 level, before we moved for him."

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