09 August 2019
Uusimaa Smothered

Wang Hanxuan had an exceptional week for Grilled International, as he went from two goals in the midweek friendly at Algeria's Camel Truckers United, to a second-half hat-trick in an 8-0 league whitewash of Finnish hosts Uusimaa FC, that took International straight to the top of V.231. Nice litle pingvin and AC Uettligen very helpfully played out a goalless draw, while Manchesthair United FC found themselves on the wrong end of a huge four-goal upset, at the hands of seventh-placed fc Snoetie.

Uusimaa FC, who have yet to find the net in five games in a troubled season, got a lifeline thrown to them after Yao Erguo got himself sent off for the second time in four appearances; their relief would be short-lived, with Tommy Dongelmans and Tibor Atzenhain adding onto Didi Reidenbach's opener, though Atzenhain would be taken out by Terho Eriksson in the 62nd minute. Wang Chu Chi and Hanxuan had more or less taken over by that point anyhow.

Roar Olaisen was beaming as he surveyed the aftermath. "I say we can put some distance between ourselves and the chasing pack now, with pingvin facing Manchesthair over two weeks next. Wang was a monster today, but I didn't need to tell you that!"

Over in Jurong, Grilled Birds have confirmed early rumours that Belgian left winger Florus Romijn had gone on the transfer list. The 30 year-old will be available for the right suitor and price, according to head coach Hovaness Noubaryan. No further details were forthcoming from the club.

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