Grilled Birds 2 - 4 FC Barca Singapore
Cup, Sapphire Quarterfinals, Season 7214 August 2019 05:15 HTT
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Fixture Muddle

The Grilled players' faces were masks as they left the pitch having crashed out of the Sapphire Challenger Cup quarterfinals, and head coach Hovaness Noubaryan all but wrote the season off. "The guys aren't feeling good now. I'm sorry for the fans, but really, any result we get now is a bonus."

This defeatist attitude wasn't received well on the club forums, with more supporters beginning to turn on Noubaryan by the day. There was however also no lack of defenders who urged for the team to be given more time, in light of their outstanding performance last term.

Farmer Bunnies again outdid the Birds, as they put Puh erh aside by three goals to nil. Mushtag Al-Nameeri got them in front from a fumbled corner, Richard Agyei opened his Buns account with a 33rd minute counter, and Nurlan Ablaev settled the argument with his first touch, upon replacing Mushtag in the 65th. Puh erh's most notable chance came through Antonio Bastianutti in the 69th minute, but the Italian trequartista elected to try and pass it to John Redmond instead of taking the shot, and wound up putting it behind.

It was only after the fact that the Buns discovered that they had been scheduled against -= Manchester United =- instead of Arrogancae, as had been expected. "The organizers informed us that they were falling back on the old procedure, without further details." Dalibor Kostadinović said. "Not that we're complaining."

While most neutrals would probably regard United as an easier matchup, Kostadinović reminded that they were three-time Challenger Cup victors, who had moreover gotten past Arcturules despite in-game injuries to Telman Xəlilov and Jean-Luc Besnier. Arrogancae on the other hand were taken to extra time by Bukit Gombak, and will face a Marina Sailors team on a high next.

"The players all know it's only two more matches, to another piece of national-level silverware." Kostadinović continued. "If they play like they have, it should be ours."

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