Grilled Birds 5 - 1 -= Manchester United =-
League, Season 7024 February 2019 04:30 HTT
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Grilled 5 - 1 Manchester

82121 spectators had come to The Cooking Pot this cloudy day. Maciej Wawrzyszko was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Wen Jing-Lee and Lazar Ðorović. Lineup: Dob - Mohammad Harun, 中北 (Nakakita) - Künzler, Davlatov, Muthyala, Egan, Romijn - Xin Seng, Ze Han, Parvathaneni.

They fielded: Minev - Langagergaard, Tevreden - Ottoade, Bussé, Brovchenko, Chin Chi, Coombes - Pacheco, Mrhálek, Veres.

Both teams came out with a similar approach to the match, having chosen to start with a 2-5-3 formation. Manchester mostly ignored the flanks in favour of their ability to attack in the middle, taking advantage of their magical level with that tactic. After 12 minutes of play, Chan Ze Han gave the home team a 1 - 0 lead after an attack coming in from the right. The referee showed Grilled's Florus Romijn the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Pere Pacheco twisted his arm after 19 minutes, forcing Manchester to make a substitution. Yong Choon Feng had already been warming up, and came on for Pere Pacheco. 27 minutes in, Grilled's Neeraj Muthyala received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. Alben Minev went down after twisting his left ankle after 28 minutes, and had to leave the pitch. The replacement for the injured player was Karim Mohd Syamsuddin. Things were going to get worse for the visitors. Bilal Mohammad Harun squirmed through their central defence after 34 minutes, increasing the lead to 2 - 0. The teams went for the halftime break at 2 - 0. Grilled had most of the ball, with 56 percent of possession.

Given a free kick close to the byline, Grilled tried a move that loyal fans may recognise from training. A pass to the side pulled the defence out of position which let Kalki Parvathaneni slip through on goal. He didn't have to break his stride, and slipped the ball past the keeper to make it 3 - 0, 70 minutes into the game. Grilled managed to extend their lead to 4 - 0 when Bernie Egan cut in neatly from the left side and struck a fine shot past the away team's goalkeeper. Grilled's Chan Ze Han saw his fine effort strike the top of the bar following some good work up the middle by his teammates after 75 minutes. Islom Davlatov increased the lead for Grilled to 5 - 0, getting a head onto a hooked ball from the right. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! The Grilled players could smell victory in the air. Bernie Egan wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Prokop Mottl after 80 minutes. Manchester were determined to attack in the middle, even their wing attacks ended up centrally. The visitors replied 81 minutes into the game, reducing the home side's lead to 5 - 1, as Yong Choon Feng dashed up the middle, easily lobbing the ball over the home team's keeper. Content with how the game was proceeding, the Grilled coach let 雄輝 (Yuki) 入江 (Irie) replace 悠太 (Yuta) 中北 (Nakakita) after 89 minutes. It was announced by the referee that he estimated stoppage time to be around 3 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! The match ends 5 - 1. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Grilled, with 56 percent of the ball.

Grilled's top performer was clearly Chan Ze Han. On the other hand, 雄輝 (Yuki) 入江 (Irie)'s play was disheartening. Most important Manchester player was Jan Mrhálek. Karim Mohd Syamsuddin turned in a dismal performance, however.

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