FisherKing 4 - 4 [4 - 1 p.k] Grilled Birds
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 7020 February 2019 20:51 HTT
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Defensive Duties

Noubaryan professed to be proud of the team's output - in attack. "It was close, but we really shot ourselves in the foot to some extent. I'm aware that Bilal isn't even a dedicated defender - a hole that I'm working to fix - but everybody has a duty here. You can't just let them get away from you, as happened so many times!"

FisherKing will likely meet Playboys Us in the semifinals, if they get past Hungary's 1.FC Internazionale in the next round, a matchup that Noubaryan is eager to watch unfold. "Personally, Playboys Us remains a cut above, but I'd give FisherKing an outside chance if they can keep it tight early."

About the same time as the Birds' match, International won 6-1 at Moroccan fourth division side Kawkab Marrakech v2. Hesky Atmanegara and Wang Hanxuan got braces, but 18 year-old forward Aflawas Salmi consoled the hosts with his outrageous tricking of Yao Erguo in the 54th minute, and overall mature play.

    Sikong Bombshell
    Manchester Manacled
    Paladins Retired
    Grail Abandoned
    Defensive Duties
    Peckers Bigger
    Sri Lankan Repeat
    Stratton Stumped
    Through From Group C
    Taught By Us
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