16 February 2019
Serpin Joins Birds

Grilled Birds head coach Hovaness Noubaryan welcomed Austrian goalkeeper Eren Serpin from SV Rodingersdorf, as the 34 year-old ventured forth from his home country for the first time, in a S$1.37 million transfer. Serpin had spent the last eight-and-a-half seasons with SV Rodingersdorf, following a short stint with former Division Two club Hugins. Before that, he had been with childhood side SKTM since his youth days.

It was no secret that Noubaryan saw something of himself in Serpin, as he confirmed that he had been brought in to fulfil a junior coaching role, alongside being Massoud Dob's new first-choice deputy. "Rykowski and Dan Seng are both pushing forty, it's a department that we have not reinforced for a long time. Frankly, we all hope that he won't need to fill in too much, and can contribute more on the coaching aspect!"

Serpin, who will wear the Number 51 shirt, agreed. "Grilled Birds are a team with a very strong history, with good support for transitioning players to other roles. I hope to serve in any capacity deemed best."

Noubaryan acknowledged that Grilled had also been considering Englishman Thomas Stephenson - who eventually moved to Georgian fourth division club Khoni United - and Dutchman Gysbert Hilkhuijsen, but expressed his opinion that Serpin would thrive. "He has the character for it."

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