L&J Woodpecker's United 5 - 3 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 7020 February 2019 11:10 HTT
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Sri Lankan Repeat

Hovaness Noubaryan thanked the hosts for an engaging match, but didn't hide that he had wanted more from most of his squad. "It may be just a friendly, but too many of the guys out there, took it far too easy - and you know who you are."

He then singled Benjaloud Abdallah out, as the Woodpeckers' hero. "Assana might have found the goals, but Adballah was their foundation. Bilal simply couldn't escape him more often than not, and it's more Adballah's dedication than any wanting on Bilal's end."

Over in Sri Lanka, the Mavs took on Farmer Bunnies a week after their match with Grilled Birds, and the outcome would be the same. Granted, Bandara Jayatissa struck first, but Mushtag Al-Nameeri made sure the lead wouldn't stand for long. Namdar Zarar popped up with a solid counterattacking brace in the next half, with Daniel Nguyen wrapping it up with his first shot after coming on for Nurlan Ablaev.

The trip also meant that the Buns have visited all 134 Hattrick territories, and ahead of the Birds, who are lacking a visit to Curacao. "An interesting stat." Hari Rapaka affirmed. "My passport's been much more colourful, since starting my career!"

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