12 February 2019
Cheong's New Aeon

The Rancher Rabbits academy would have another success story, as Cheong Jie Puay was accepted by Swiss Division Seven side FC Aeon Utd. on a free. Cheong had previously been rejected outright by Rob Rangers and CocoTeaTree kids, but Rabbits scout Yip De Da recognized a fire in him.

"Cheong's a willing runner." Yip said of the 17 year-old. "He's not a natural defender, but that may be too much to ask for now. Aeon are a new club where there's room to grow, and their new French kid Daniel Brame seems to complement him well."

Yip couldn't resist letting some gossip slip, on the Bunnies' other transfer dealings. "Well, we were looking at Daniel Botta and Ömer Günay too, or so I hear. Günay's price point was very attractive, but Namdar Zarar had that irresistable pedigree. I think we made the right choice."

"And the guys over at International, they can't shut up about Emran bin Saiful Azmi. Lad scored twice by the fourth minute of his debut against FC Kladno 08 U19, and he's a defender!"

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