27 February 2019
Farmer In Contention

Farmer Bunnies kept on pace for a last-64 finish in the Heroes of 2014 Trophy, as they finished with fifteen points from a possible eighteen, after the second set of matches. Former Kyrgyzstan double winners RCD de Kyrgy might not have been at their imperious best from two seasons ago, but retained enough class to beat the Buns at their own game. Danish forward Skjold Thorning proved that a single chance was one too many, as he eluded Brendan Leung's man-marking to open, and Colombian ex-national striker Darío Fernando Morera decisively wrapped up a 3-0 win.

The Buns had entered that match in a very good position, on the brighter side, having just recorded their fourth consecutive victory with a 5-1 smashing of Bulgarian fourth division foes KarshakaHustlaz. Italian Division Five challengers Antium 1970 were far more difficult, and Ludovico Del Boccio seemed to have dragged them to a draw... only for Lau Chang Wan to storm down the right side and claim two additional and very precious points, in the dying seconds.

This leaves Farmer Bunnies with a realistic shot at making it to the knockout phase, a feat that not even past great Grilled sides had managed. "Historically, seven wins all but guarantees it, and six wins and a draw might be enough." new head coach Dalibor Kostadinović recounted. "Can we do it? Why not?"

Grilled Birds' own dreams would be dashed with a second loss, although they had started on track, with a 4-2 win over Polish fourth divisioners Szopenfeldziarze. It wasn't straightforward by any means, with Swiss playmaker Manuel Tanner putting them 2-0 up from the spot by the 27th minute. It was left to Chan Ze Han and Moey Xin Seng to orchestrate the comeback, which they did with their accustomed vim.

In contrast, the Birds were the quicker starters against Swedish III.51 team IFK Wella, and achieved their own 2-0 lead under 13 minutes. It was still 4-1 with eighteen minutes remaining thanks to a Cyril Künzler brace, but Grilled then got overly complacent, allowing IFK Wella back in. The Birds didn't recover against another Polish opponent in KS Zbychy, and lost 2-3 with Kalki Parvathaneni sent off in injury time.

There would be no regrets from Chan Ze Han. "We were nearly dead on our feet, at the end of it all. It's been a very long season."

Finally, Grilled International would be beaten 3-1 by Russian fifth division club Tarakan in their first game, with the six-foot-five Vladimir Parkhomenko showing his worth from corner kicks to the full. They would then enjoy a 6-0 crushing of Spanish Division Seven champions F.C. AMISTAD ZARAGOZA, and then a 3-1 win over H.I. Swiss side Victoria Zurigo. Didi Reidenbach and Wang Hanxuan outperformed in both victories, reaping three goals each.

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