Grilled Birds 5 - 1 -= Manchester United =-
League, Season 7024 February 2019 04:30 HTT
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Paladins Retired

Moey Xin Seng was delighted by Grilled's response to their Kim Tae Hee FC defeat. "It's a shame that we didn't manage to win last weekend, but I'm fancying our chances for the coming season. Mia San Toa Payoh are worthy league winners, and I'm looking forward to defeating their replacements. Good luck to them in the S-League."

Kalki Parvathaneni would receive his second Golden Boot honours immediately after the match, two seasons after his fourteen goals in III.15. That said, the fact that eleven of his fifteen goals came against the bottom two have raised accusations that he is a flat-track bully; he's not paying them much mind, though.

"Goals are goals, wherever they come from." Kalki said simply. "Doesn't everyone score more against weaker teams too?"

Farmer Bunnies sent former national champions Parkway Paladins off with a 4-0 victory at Carrot Field, as Lau Chang Wan opened after a prolonged period of pressure about the half-hour mark. Namdar Zarar then struck on his full debut in the 36th minute, before second-half finishes by Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany and Jon Benson.

Bunnies skipper Tham Leng Teck saluted the Paladins. "Like contemporaries BCFC, they will be remembered for their dominance of Singaporean soccer for a time - four consecutive S-League titles is an achievement to behold."

Ropelearner FC's perfect season was shockingly spoilt by JUtd, though their automatic promotion had long been secured. Other than that, there were few material surprises in II.2 or II.3, with Real Balmoral, Robbie Football Club, Terillions FC and Controlar all having ample warning about their qualifiers.

This was also the case for Grilled International, who seemed to be doing so well against Black Trapper; Wang Hanxuan and Ragib Banović could have had multiple goals in the first half had they been slightly more composed in front of goal, and it was a wonder that Banović only managed to find the net as late as the 37th minute.

Trapper goalie Mihai Şteţ perhaps had something to do with that, as he continued his blinder through the remainder of the match. Fausto Perono bombed one just over in the 66th minute, and James Eshiwani equalized shortly after. Wang Hanxuan's finish would then again be answered, this time by Anselmo Pucci, and a great save by Şteţ would set the stage for João dos Santos to steal the win for Black Trapper in injury time.

The International players could barely pick themselves off the ground at that, though in truth it wouldn't have made a different, with AC Uettligen having steamrolled Hel 6-0 to claim fourth place. Thankfully, International should have little trouble with qualifier challengers Catxorros de Burundi, but head coach Roar Olaisen urged caution nonetheless.

"It's been a difficult period for the club, as we all know." Olaisen remarked. "Our first priority is to get back into a winning groove - and I don't want us entering any game thinking we've won."

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