3 Yuki Irie (雄輝入江)
PositionCMF/CDAppearances96 (30)
Date of Birth9th OctoberCompetitive Goals17 (13/4/0)
Height178 cmCompetitive Hattricks0
Weight71 kgFriendly Goals6
Blood GroupO+Injuries6
Cards0 Red, 3 Yellow
FromBergeforsen Blå, SG$1 108 000 (Season 60)
[Youth Academy: 8 appearances, 5 goals]
ToSemilla RK, SG$1 500 000 (Season 63)

FromSemilla RK, SG$1 000 000 (Season 64)

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An upbeat defender with the Chicken Wings, Yuki Irie found his calling as a midfielder under a succession of foreign trainers, but may yet return to his roots upon his return to the Birds. Unfortunately, he would not build the legacy he deserved, as this soon coincided with a wholesale rebuilding process initiated by the club leadership, but he did gain much respect as vice-captain during his time at the Birds.

Seeking a new challenge, Yuki went to Chile to play for Semilla RK at the age of 32, to general dismay from the Grilled fanbase. It didn't last long, though, and they would get to welcome him home after less than a season.

    Gone Missing
    Hot And Bothered
    Mideast Movements
    Buddy Battering
    Champs Don't Quit
    Much To Relearn
    Lean Pickings
    Kurla Quick Fik
    Zao Loh
    Brave, Ballsy, Busted
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