03 July 2019
Kalle Off

Cup-winning Estonian custodian Kalle Luik announced his departure from the Farmer Bunnies today, having appeared in just two competitive matches - and four friendlies - for the Buns. He will leave for Belgian IV.60 aspirants fc. jelle, after nine weeks in Singapore.

Luik, who will be turning 34 years old soon, will be a replacement for Frenchman Youssouf Fariq, who left for Brazil's Mooca Palestrina FC last week. He confirmed that he would leave with only the best of memories. "Where else could I have won a national cup winners' medal on my debut?"

Frank discussion with the coaching staff however had Luik understanding that he would not in fact be in true contention with first-choice goalie Vivian Grubenmann for the starting spot, which was not altogether unexpected, given Grubenmann's relative youth and far longer history with the club. As such, Luik put in a transfer request with the approval of Dalibor Kostadinović. Although the Buns will take a loss of over two million on the sale, having negotiated a fee of slightly over S$3.2 million with fc. jelle, Kostadinović was of the opinion that it was the right thing to do.

"It's never a good idea to have an unwilling player on your books, and in Luik's case, we couldn't offer what he understood us to have done. Luik's entering the late stages of his career, and it's entirely understandable that he'll want to start games."

Luik had appeared destined for German Division Five club Blacktowncastle, but fc. jelle's final package would woo him to their side. Saint Ward FC (English Division Five), Panasaggi (Italian Division Six), Pullat Uuniin (Finnish Division Five), Rezophonic (Italian Division Five), racing de ruzafa (Spanish Division Five), FC Juventini (Polish Division Six), Smellers dragon (Italian Division Six), Stockholmsmasarna (Swedish Division Four), alles naar voren (Dutch Division Six), Azzurrissima II (Italian Division Six), Nerazzurrii F.C. (Venezuelan Division Three), Alattyáni Farkasok FC (Hungarian Division Five), Walah FC (French Division Six), L.M.A.P. - Grenoble (Italian Division Seven), Anioły Toruń (Polish Division Seven), 1. FC Flanke (German Division Six), Meistermacher80 (German Division Six), Dream Team A.C. (Colombian Division Five), TRUJITACHI FC (Venezuelan Division Three), ok1 fc (Vietnamese Division Three), C.A. Longchamps (Argentine Division Five), 777777 (Ukrainian Division Four), Golden State Guarriors (Spanish Division Seven), MADRIDISTA ISR (Israeli Division Four), S.S. Statuto (Italian Division Five), Oberzwehrener Kickers (German Division Six), Condemor, F.C. (Spanish Division Six), Chirimoyas F. C. (Spanish Division Six), KS Turbo Laczki (Polish Division Seven), West-Zöbern-United (Austrian Division Five), FC Mogol (Mongolian Division Two) and Lekutrasto (Spanish Division Six) all expressed interest.

"Phew, that was a long list." Kostadinović gasped, without a hint of irony. "But we weren't surprised. A guy like Luik, he's a very attractive proposition for mid-range teams who need a reliable presence between the poles."

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