SSC Sing 0 - 9 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 1), Season 7203 July 2019 04:30 HTT
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Tricks In Season

Hovaness Noubaryan could well afford to ask after SSC Sing's fallen warriors Akhbar Mohd Alim and Li Jian Loong afterwards, and revealed that no permanent harm had been done to either. "I'm relieved, really. Local football grows from its grassroots, and injuries will hamper its spread amongst the everyman."

Of course, it's not like that was enough to get the Birds to go easy on their opponents, and it wasn't for the Farmer Bunnies either. Woodlands' Sigma United FC were entirely overwhelmed with Vishnu Tallapaka counting a penalty kick and a free-kick towards his hat-trick, and Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany grabbing a first-half brace. Newly-proclaimed Player of the Season Mushtag Al-Nameeri would have to wait, but reaped two good goals in the end as well.

Grilled International had it scarcely harder against Italian amateurs Monteka FS, with Fausto Perono naturally enjoying the scenery. The Number Twenty got in close for all three goals, as the hapless hosts lost wingback Arnaldo Mucchi to his second yellow card towards the end. Former Busy Bees debutant goalie Azri bin Sazali recorded perhaps the easiest clean sheet he will ever get, as he was entirely undisturbed through the second half that he played.

There had been some concerns about the H.I. Cup opener being scheduled so soon after their international friendly in the Dominican Republic, where they defeated Daniel Sanchez Ramirez Futbol Club by six goals to three in extra time, with Tibor Atzenhain giving International the lead for good, in the 95th minute. Roar Olaisen would rotate his squad comprehensively just in case, but this caution was perhaps unneeded.

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