02 July 2019
Phan Chan Ran

Two Chicken Wings graduates got their moves today, with 18 year-old midfielder Kameron Phan and 17 year-old defender Chan Ho Keng leaving on free transfers.

Phan would be taken on by newly-formed Czech sixth division club Mamba Praha, along with Polish lad Zenon Wąsowicz. More the staying-back type, he had joined the Wings comparatively late, but his stoic attitude towards football won him many supporters amongst the training staff.

"Kameron's the get-it-done sort." scout Lim Hock Puay remarked. "He's not flashy, but he seldom puts the ball at risk, and is the guy you want when the team loses possession. Every team needs such a man."

Centreback Chan Ho Keng had been slated to join his Wings teammate at Mamba Praha, but ultimately accepted an offer with Swedish Division Five side We are Farmers. A spinoff of Söderåsen BK, Farmers were also searching for their first trainees, and landed KS Silesia's Marek Kowalski and Los bassis' Iván Montoya.

Chan conceded that it was a very difficult decision, as to whether to join Kameron. "Having a familiar face around sure would have made life easier. However, Farmers' had the better deal overall, and after listening to all the advice, I figured to go with what was best for my long-term prospects."

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