Singapore Big Dogs 1 - 7 Grilled Birds
Cup, Sapphire (Round of 16), Season 7207 August 2019 05:15 HTT
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Singapore 1 - 7 Grilled

20279 spectators had come to Olympic Lyons Park this cloudy day. Bogdan Krzeszowiak was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Sebastian 'Sepp' Herberger and Ra�l Vi�e. The match took place on neutral ground. Lineup: Coley - Langelund, Ciugudean, Venzin - Modi, Long Rong, Matsumoto, Lock, Feng Wen - Xiao, Ting Lee.

The following players had been chosen: Dob - Webb, Panigrahi - K�nzler, Mudaliar, Ze Han, Egan, Davlatov - Xin Seng, Mohammad Harun, Xin Lee.

Singapore Big Dogs entered the field in a 3-5-2 formation. The visitors, Grilled Birds, chose to start the game with a 2-5-3 lineup. Grilled tried to focus their attacks down the middle, taking advantage of their divine (+3) level with that tactic. A corner kick created great disorder in the penalty area with a goal nearly scored by Chan Ze Han. At last, Grilled's Bernie Egan was able to backheel the ball in. 0 - 1. Bhavya Panigrahi increased Grilled's lead to 0 - 2 with a superb free kick strike that flew in just under the far top corner. Chan Ze Han of Grilled took advantage of a mistake on the home side's right after 26 minutes which increased the away team's lead to 0 - 3. Central attacks were the recipe of the day for Grilled, as they moved the ball from the wings to the middle with startling regularity. With 35 minutes played, Vikram Mudaliar nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. It was showtime for artist Islom Davlatov who showed off his technical mastery when he rounded Pierre Langelund and finished with a goal to make the score 0 - 4. Grilled's Moey Xin Seng got himself booked for a foul. Grilled players heard their coach's words ringing in their ears and steered their wing attacks to the middle instead. After 42 minutes, Grilled's Bernie Egan burst through the central defence and let loose a cannonball of a shot, scoring for 0 - 5. Singapore's Vinod Modi was shown a yellow card after 44 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Halftime score was 0 - 5. Possession in this half belonged to Grilled, who controlled the ball 57 percent of the time.

Singapore showed their counterattack skill 60 minutes into the match by breaking through the middle, with Tan Long Rong scoring uncontested for 1 - 5. The referee showed Singapore's Edward Lock the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Singapore's Tay Ting Lee was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 65 minutes. After 66 minutes, an incisive pass through the middle gave Gilbert Webb a chance to increase the lead for Grilled, and he did not disappoint. The score was then 1 - 6. Bhavya Panigrahi received a delicate pass through the home side's central defence after 69 minutes, and chipped it past the flailing keeper to score making it 1 - 7. The Grilled fans went wild, whilst the home fans started to think about leaving early. The Grilled players could smell victory in the air. Bilal Mohammad Harun wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Jos� Luiz Velho after 89 minutes. It was announced by the referee that he estimated stoppage time to be around 3 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! Singapore's Hudson Matsumoto found himself alone on the left side 90 minutes into the match and laid down a perfect shot - right into the arms of the keeper! The match ends 1 - 7. Grilled enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 57 percent of possession.

Most important Singapore player was Tay Ting Lee. On the other hand, Edward Lock's play was disheartening. Chu Xin Lee performed admirably for Grilled. Islom Davlatov on the other hand, had a terrible day.

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