WADOATOC 7 - 0 Grilled Birds
International Friendly, Season 6304 January 2017 22:15 HTT
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Under Total Control

Acting captain Moey Xin Seng was determined to take some plusses from the comprehensive defeat against WADOATOC. "We were up against guys who were accustomed to winning. It's something we've got to absorb, slowly if necessary!"

He also saw the host likely challenging Cro pala team for the Premier League title next season. "It wouldn't surprise me in the least, no. They've got that aura around them, even when fielding a reduced XI."

Head coach Djan Bacelar had not been with the squad, instead reportedly travelling the globe in search of signings, but there had been no news on that front. Former youth internationals Pavel Hasyukevich, Antti Lommi and Sandro Walch had been amongst the names mentioned, but all had moved for figures somewhat north of what Bacelar had been talking about.

The Farmer Bunnies for their part prevailed against Los Cubanos de Fatica on penalties at El Faticomio, with the Cuban third division side having held them 1-1 after full time, and 2-2 after extra time. Américo Cabrera got both of theirs from excellent free-kicks, but was not called upon for the spot kick lottery.

It would be third-choice goalkeeper Cheong Kong Ting who would claim the spotlight, as he stood his ground for the opening take by a fretting Luis Miguel Poskal - and got it right. Raúl Méndez ballooned their second, and there was no way back for the Cubanos after that.

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