10 January 2017
Yuki Adds It Up

32 year-old Grilled vice-captain Yuki Irie put the seal on his transfer to promotion-due Chilean Division Six side Semilla RK today, having served just three-and-a-bit seasons upon his return to the Birds. The S$1.5 million fee negotiated was however somewhat more than he fetched for Bergeforsen Blå then, which suggests that his stock had been burnished during his time here.

Yuki professed to be sad that he would not see his time out back here, as he had originally envisaged. "In the end, it made the most sense to seek an exit." he said, tactfully skipping over Bacelar's squad realignment having effectively forced him out. "While the association was shorter than I had wished, Grilled will always retain a special place in my heart."

This move was definitely not appreciated by the vast majority of fans, who questioned the need to move the inspiring Yuki on. "We're wanting for leadership with Tian no longer a regular, and it's not as if Yuki can't hold his own anywhere across defence and midfield!" one fan vented. "I just don't see the logic in this one."

At the same time, Wings youth winger Neeraj Addala found himself on the radar of Italian Division Two challengers Real Santa Croce, but wound up moving to newly-founded Hattrick International club Gloucester City A.F.C. instead. The unconventional winger admitted to being slightly disappointed at the Real deal falling through, but will at least now have the distinction of being the first Grilled representative in the new global initiative.

Mok Feng De, who discovered the rough talent during a casual weekend kickabout session at the local street soccer courts, felt that it was nevertheless an excellent move for the youngster. "It's almost hard to believe that he's come so far, so quickly. If he keeps plugging away on the fundamentals, he should be a starter in no time."

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