10 January 2017
Mixed Fortunes

Two wins and two defeats marked Grilled's latest start to the seasonal Supporter Week Trophy tournament, which began with a bang against newly-reformed Danish sixth division club Slacker. After several disruptive ownership changes, the once Team Ostefondue seemed to have found some stability under local gaffer Arnold Uglebjerg, but their collection of part-timers were taken apart 0-6 by the Birds.

They would have it much tougher against former Liechtenstein double winners Fortuna Benedurum 08, who played their accustomed conservative 4-5-1; Mohammad Ramli Saliman did very well to magic up a second-minute lead, and Rinor Isufi played brilliantly off Kalki Parvathaneni's torrid pace in the 39th, but Benedurum kept their calm, and prevailed through player-coach Răzvan Toană's late finish, 3-2.

Another loss would follow against Finnish Third Division Pihkapallo, who played in a similar style, and who had former youth international Joni Nenonen dominate from fullback. They ended the day by coming back from 0-2 down to win 6-2, against Athletic Club de Kruisweg, who have been like Grilled expanding into Brunei. Ang Leong Kum was the standout here, scoring twice, and creating twice.

For the Farmer Bunnies, losses to SC Partizan Prenzlberg (German Division Four) and Celtic Rafz (Swiss Division Six) led into a 2-1 win against French sixth division side barricade, as Daniel Nguyen and Wong Ting Yew scored. Wong would again find the net, this time from a corner, to force a one-all draw against Germany's riga1900 to close off.

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