03 January 2017
Phua, Fung Take Off

The end of the season has seen two trainees begin their professional careers, with the Chicken Wings' Phua Yew Yew and the Rancher Rabbits' Fung Hock Leng - both seventeen - departing for pastures new.

Phua, a defender whose speed of movement allowed him to stand out from the rest in the Wings squad, was taken on a free by Spanish Division Seven offshoots Reał Madrid C.F.; fittingly, it was Barcelona G. - from the Romanian fifth division - who were their competition.

The youngster is likely to play second fiddle to Bahraini Saif Al-Hashemi and local sensation Daniel Herrera, who cost Madrid a combined total of over S$11 million. Phua, however, was not put off. "I'm here to learn from the best."

As for Fung, the midfielder's destination would be Hertfordshire, England, where he will take up with sixth division Malate Mobsters as their maiden signing. The S$38000 deal was done over interest from Italian Division Eight side, Astor the brave.

Fung hopes to feature in Ian Charlton's starting lineup as soon as possible, with the Mobsters having gotten off to a brilliant start - four wins and forty goals scored, with zero conceded - admittedly against inferior opposition.

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