27 January 2017
Intl Load Up

Tajit bin Mohd reported that recruitment for Grilled International was going well, with apprentices Yavor Babanski and Arcadi Sansalvador - Bulgarian and Spanish respectively - signing on for nominal fees.

German Division Six club Edistriker provided competition for Babanski, before eventually snagging another Tajit target in Jop Heemskerk. As for Sansalvador, International had to pluck him away from Ixiann boys (Dutch Division Seven) and AC Red Dog (Finnish Division Six); Croatian Ernest Piškorić, another player linked with the club, instead went to Leń Szczecin of Poland.

"We're happy with the talent we have managed to attract." Tajit emphasized. "They may not be making the biggest waves as of now, but they all were chosen for the potential to excel in the system we're laying out."

Assistant coach Hafiz bin Hj Lamat then introduced the remaining members of the support staff, leading off with Lin Kuan Jie, a 48 year-old veteran trainer lured out of semi-retirement. "I've known Lin for a long time, and he'll help ease our transition into a true professional outfit." Hafix said.

Alongside Lin, experienced medic Hj Seruji bin Hafiz and sports psychologist Ang Wen Leong also joined the team.

Still on youth, the Rancher Rabbits defeated the Chicken Wings 2-0 at home, in a clash of the U-20 sides of the Birds and the Buns. Rabbits youth coach Raymond Lai was modest about the achievement, which saw Ang Dong Yi and Huzaiman Syarif Azizi score for the Rabbits, though.

"We happen to have significantly more senior guys than the Wings." he pointed out. "It wasn't quite fair in that sense. And, not to put my boys down or anything, but the best player on the pitch by far was clearly Chan Ze Han - that one is something very special, and trust me, we're all watching his progress with great interest!"

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