Grilled Birds 6 - 3 Isle of Flames
Cup, Emerald Final, Season 5728 January 2015 04:45 HTT
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The Winning Feeling

Grilled skipper Tian Yonghang would lift his fourth different trophy for his club in as many seasons, and according to him, it never gets old. "I can't describe it, it's a whole new experience each time." the 31 year-old smiled, a glint of green coming from under his arm. "Us players live for such moments."

This was echoed by German veteran Domenik Bögengang, who finally got his first cup medal with the Birds, after entering as a substitute in the last minute. "This wasn't exactly what I had envisioned when I started out, but I'll take it!"

Djan Bacelar hastened to congratulate his team, but then immediately threw down the gauntlet. "We have three home games coming up in the league for the next month, and though we may be too far behind to make a go for the title, I'd like the team to win them all, if only to show that we can do it."

"This is a very special squad indeed, and I would really love it if we managed one of the big ones, before rebuilding."

Two other clubs won their Challenger Cups today alongside Grilled, with Ropelearner FC inheriting Grilled's Ruby Cup with a worthy 6-2 win against FC Barca Singapore. The latter had managed to pull two back by the 47th minute, but their weak defence would ultimately be their downfall. Antonio Kirchhoff put Ropelearner FC ahead once more in the 61st, and it was soon all over.

Recent Singapore Cup winners newbies are newbies made it a clean sweep for Jurong as they defeated saiNts United FC in the Sapphire Cup final, with saiNts likewise clawing their way back from 0-2 down. Extra time was looming when former newbies Jr star Daniel Quong squeezed in an 88th minute goal, and although Joel Haverhals then mishit a last-minute sitter, it was enough for the newbies side.

"It's a great day for the region." Bacelar added. "Ropelearner FC and newbies are newbies deserved it. Hopefully we'll meet someday."

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