Grilled Birds 6 - 1 QUT FC
League, Season 5718 January 2015 04:30 HTT
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Grilled BirdsQUT FC
Rashid bin Ahmad (16)
Lee Lee Hao (33)
Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim (35)
Woon Shun An (66)
Chow Ying Lee (76)
Tian Yonghang (77)
Baran Kaban (21)

Season 57L5 - 3League

Unquestioned Edge
Tian Han Returns

Wong Tian Han made one of the most eagerly-awaited returns at The Cooking Pot, and the Birds duly cooperated with a delightful 6-1 busting of QUT FC to mark the occasion. The visitors started off containing Grilled as they had last weekend, but Wong reinstilled a solidity that had been missing for too long, and they soon found themselves fighting a losing battle.
With the Emerald Challenger Cup semifinals looming, Djan Bacelar accommodated by resting those on two yellows, with Zhao Jing Wei and Gene Filippone left glaringly on the bench. Ling Fuquan took up his preferred libero role that had been shared between the midfielders for the past month, while former national U-20 defender Rashid bin Ahmad finally got his S-League debut.

Being a reserve was probably not what Rashid had signed up for, but the admittedly effective emphasis on possession football that the Birds adopted often meant that the more classical centreback simply had no place in the side. If he were to make an argument against his exclusion, though, he couldn't have put it much more eloquently than with his contributions today.

QUT FC would start with Dieter-Norbert Elpons in place of fellow German Jörn Ohlah in midfield, after the latter had tweaked his knee in the clubs' last meeting. It was not a particularly good fit as Elpons was much more of a high ball-winner than the thinker that QUT FC needed, and it showed as the Birds drew pretty triangles about the static QUT FC central trio.

Sixteen minutes in, Grilled crafted their first true opening, which was however more of a mistake from the visiting defence. Danni Myrvig and Chai Chin Li left a harmless overstruck pass for each other, and were left gasping as Chow Ying Lee saw his chance and sped at it. Chai did manage to strip Chow of it after a short struggle, but only managed to clear it across the box to the arriving Rashid bin Ahmad, who didn't pass up on embellishing his introduction to the top flight.

QUT FC were soon level, as Silvio Zappalà broke through on the left and set up Baran Kaban on the other wing for a superb chip over Wong. This was followed by a failed one-two from the hosts, as Tian Yonghang did well to control the rebound from a mighty Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim effort. Tian's slick putting the ball between Elpons' legs should make the weekly highlights, but he then threw it all away by putting it wide.

Grilled were unflustered by the misses, and their steady production line soon threw up a two-goal lead. Lee Lee Hao opened his league account with a very straightfoward blast after considering his options just by the penalty spot, and Mohd Safri then took care not to repeat his earlier mistake, as he planted his header from a corner smack in the middle of open space.

It was a busy and not very successful day for QUT FC goalie Francisco Martín Patau, but he did earn his keep with a wonderful one-handed reaction stop off Tian's sudden toepoke. That also marked the end of Elpons' shift, as he pulled his hamstring trying to get in the way, and he was replaced by the similar Carl Svantesson.

The Grilled fans, who had become more subdued as their team's fortunes fell over the past weeks, were getting back to their usual rambunctious selves; certainly, they were rather louder than they had been for a long time, despite the second half taking some time to come to life.

Bence Berényi had been working hard to replicate his exceptional performance, but the Slovakian found Rashid a far more dedicated man-marker than either Filippone or Wong Ping Shun had been. With their best outlet shut down, QUT FC were hard-done to find an alternative. Luis Viejo did his bit ferrying the ball between midfield and attack whenever he could, but found precious few opportunities open to him.

The Birds got going again in the 66th minute with Woon Shun An making it 4-1 after a long spell in the QUT FC half, which left the visitors noticeably deflated. Sensing blood, Chow Ying Lee took his harassment up a notch, and wound up being carded for his unwise foot in from the back against Myrvig. His instincts were not wrong, that said, and he succeeded in predicting the side to which the Dane would turn, two minutes later. Stealing the ball with his left foot, Chow then struck it in with his right in a jiffy.

The fans knew what they wanted after this, and skipper Tian Yonghang wasted no time in obliging them. The chants from the central gallery die-hards of "Flames, singnet, QUT" might have been bafflingly random to most listeners, but Tian for one must have understood - those were the clubs against whom all three of Grilled's strikers had found the net so far this season.

Thus, when the ball rolled to him after Martin Wendt had clipped it off Mohd Safri, what could Tian possibly have done other than have a go? He got a rub of the green as it took a slight deflection off Lee Yeow Tong, but he probably deserved it after all that work.

Ling Fuquan then attempted to join in on the party with one of his trademark belters from deep, but there would be no seventh as it shaved paint flecks off the top of the crossbar.

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