Be Champions FC 2 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5725 January 2015 04:30 HTT
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All Open Again

With Grilled's unlikely victory, the title race has again become exciting as Pudgy Penguins and Isle of Flames moved back to within three points of the leaders. Penguins were untroubled at home after they took the initiative through the prolific Tunç Aykal, and Greek defender Paschalis Ptolemeos then put his height to good use, converting two headers for a comfortable 3-0 result.

The Birds' Emerald Challenger Cup final opponents Isle of Flames likewise walked all over a timid Charis FC eleven at home, with their visitors never quite contesting enough to make a fight of it. Veteran winger Avri Dotan shone as Charis gave him way too much freedom, a mistake that Grilled will not want to commit when their turn comes.

"It was vintage Flames today." Grilled observer Luis Alcántara summed up, after witnessing the slaughter at Woodlands first hand. "They were furthermore holding some cards in reserve, such as Ervin Lakatos. It'll be a hell of a match at HitMen Arena come Wednesday."

To round out the S-League fixtures, singnet_utd gave no quarter to QUT FC, whose win against Grilled has not had the enlivening effect that their fans had hoped for. QUT FC were undone after the first-half departure of Gaspar Fernando Tavares for a fractured foot, not quite having the weaponry needed to breach singnet_utd's back four.

Farmer Bunnies head coach Elias van Dal acknowledged that his side are now preparing to spend the next season back in the fourth division, after they were methodically taken apart 5-0 by Dodogado, who were probably taking it easy. Lew Jia Chuan hobbled off after twenty minutes after he ate a full-blooded challenge from Wolfgang Schrobenhausen head-on, but honestly it made little difference.

"Division Four's a much better fit for us, given that we will be introducing new boys like Solihin Noor Yadah, whom just signed with us today." van Dal explained. "It's almost impossible to get points while promoting development at this point in time, and we will have to be clear about priorities."

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