Grilled Birds 5 - 0 Pearl Divers
Cup, Emerald Semifinals, Season 5721 January 2015 04:45 HTT
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No Heat Like This

Only Isle of Flames stand between Grilled and consecutive Challenger Cups now, after they outlasted Random Curiosity FC in extra time, but they must be among the top teams to avoid at any time. Indeed, Curiosity probably edged it on the individual moments, but the hugely experienced Jan Alarcó kept Flames in it with a combination of his commanding presence and hair-trigger reflexes.

In particular, Alarcó did brilliantly to stop Jovan Novaković going around him to give Curiosity the lead, and then bent over almost backwards to punch Ladislav Mužíček's over and prevent a penalty shootout. Two-goal hero Mohd Safri bin Mohd Kassim however promised that whether it would be Alarcó or Jerome Wiles who turns out, they would not have it easy.

"Today, we played close to our best, and this was borne out by the results." the national team forward boasted. "It cannot be denied that Flames are the biggest names in the country, but we can - and are going to - score on them. A lot."

Arrogancae meanwhile clinched their second Singapore Cup against old rivals Edbe FC, with German winger Kasimir Toplak applying the finishing touches after an explosive start by the three-time national champions. Edbe FC tried to stem the tide, but it was obvious that their recent extertions had taken a lot out of them.

One of Ropelearner FC and FC Barca Singapore will be passed Grilled's Ruby Challenger Cup after close 3-2 wins against Haha and Villains F.C. respectively, with the former probably holding a slight edge. newbies are newbies could possibly lift the Sapphire Cup despite their administrative woes as they beat Dodogado on penalties, barring fellow oldies saiNts United FC throwing a spanner in the works.

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