15 January 2015
A Brended Player

The Bunnies smashed their transfer record without warning, as Elias van Dal sprung S$1.5 million for Ropelearner FC's teenaged prodigy Brendan Leung. While his preferred position is at wingback, Leung has operated with astonishing assurance all over the pitch, and can even play forward at a pinch.

van Dal revealed that they were not actually actively seeking another recruit, but the entire coaching staff agreed that Leung was too big a talent to pass up on. "His potential is, frankly, out of this world. It's probably not good to compare too much, but I'd put him right up there with Tham Leng Teck. His only weakness, relatively speaking, is his distribution, but it's not a big concern as of yet."

Leung was, of course, not without his admirers, and he had long been linked with BASIRAT (Iranian Division Six) and racha (Georgian Division Four). It then appeared that he would be picking between late offers from MFK Frýdek-Místek (Czech Division Six) and finally Koekedallie Kickers (Dutch Division Seven), before Farmer Bunnies sprang in literally at the final minute with a faxed bid.

The response to the cross-canal move was positive from Ropelearner's former national team coach Mohd Khairol Anuar Ahmad, who had given Leung a honorary appearance against Meritus F.C., especially after van Dal assured him that the new Bunnies No. 22 figured highly in his plans. "He's going to feature a lot, trust me."

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