08 October 2019
Davlatov In Front

The post-season tournaments have began once again, and Grilled Birds' 31 year-old Islom Davlatov is distinguishing himself at centre-foward, with his eight goals from three games putting him right up there in the Trophy of Legends' goalscorers' chart. It began against Austrian IV.34 champions FC Vienna Forces, who found their tack of overloading the right flank in a 4-3-3 eminently unsuited to stopping the Birds. Former U-20 star Patrick Köhler did feed Richard Nagy for an injury-time consolation, but braces from Davlatov and Bilal Mohammad Harun had Grilled five up by then.

Another league winner in Switzerland's AC Juventina 02 was up next, but the Division Six participants were not a match either, and were taken apart 7-0. Davlatov's true power would only be unleashed against the Chelsea Swiss Blues, where he struck five times in 48 minutes, terrorizing veteran sweeper Nikos Kalaitzis to the extent that he had to be withdrawn afterwards. Eusebio Frasso answered on the counter, but Grilled made it 7-1 with late additions from Moey Xin Seng and Heng Dong Chu.

Moey for one was not too surprised at Davlatov's output. "He might have started in midfield more often lately, but it was largely for team balance. He remains a killer at heart - and I say that nicely!"

Farmer Bunnies wouldn't manage a perfect start like the Birds, despite solid opening wins against FC Primeiro 3 (Finnish Division Five) and Colinas Futebol Club - B (Portuguese Division Five). In the first, hometowner Sampo Tuisku erased the Buns' early two goals by the 29th minute, but Jon Benson was particularly sharp with his volleys, and helped them to 5-2. Against Colinas, it was Nurlan Ablaev who took over with a hat-trick, as their Peruvian prodigy Marco Lyons found no purchase, despite having already been capped at both youth and senior level for his country by the age of twenty.

The Buns would muck up against Polish IV.50 side Toliki, however, and fell 1-2 to a team that took their best chances early. Jarosław Jóźwicki's fine finish after throwing Sofian Azfar off would be followed by Bobby Ballardie's headed from a rare mistake off a corner by Vivian Grubenmann; Kwek Yun Jie got one back in the 37th minute, but it was not enough, with Wong Ting Yew fluffing their last big opportunity with ten minutes left.

It was also two wins and a loss for Grilled International, who took their defeat first, a 2-4 at the hands of Swedish Division Five outfit IK Elf. Wang Hanxuan got one then, and would continue his scoring form against -Arepa- (Portuguese Division Six) in a 5-0, and then Mattis Super-Mannschaft (German Division Seven) in a 6-0, and from left wing moreover.

Additionally, International managed another 5-0 in the *Planet Cup* against Nairobi-based Kiambu Wazungu, which puts them in good stead to qualify from Group H, following a 4-4 first round draw against French fifth divisioners Les Taats. A draw or better against Greece's Killer Bees FC next will do the trick.

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