05 October 2019
Evolaianer In Sights

Burung Memorial Stadium had been a buzz of speculation, at least until their promotion qualifier opponents were revealed - Swiss IV.22 side Evolaianer. Best represented by their flaxen-haired forward icon Josip Heinz, they had finished fifth on the back of a balanced squad and Steve Axham's flexible tactics.

International head coach Roar Olaisen was undaunted. "If we continue playing in our own style, I don't see why we can't impose ourselves and take the win. Didi Reidenbach's suspension is a little inconvenient, but we can work around that."

In the meanwhile, the Busy Bees youth side has left the Champions Ejea League at the conclusion of the season, for the sixteen-team Special One International World League. As with the Rancher Rabbits, a desire to expand their range was a huge part of the decision, and they will lead off with a trip to Scotland to face the U-20 division of former Saltire Cup victors Famous XI.

Farmer Bunnies will hope to follow Grilled International's example, as they look forward to their must-win contest at JUtd; it was thus something of a relief that they did not suffer any further injuries for the national team's latest fixture, and Kwek Yun Jie moreover slotted a penalty home in the 3-1 win over Slovakia, while earning his 62nd cap.

Dalibor Kostadinović confirmed that both team captain Tham Leng Teck and striker Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany would not recover in time for Sunday's big game, but assured the supporters that the reserves were more than worthy to step in. "That will be no excuse. We all know what we're up for - the S-League!"

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