10 October 2019
Varied Fortunes

It was so-so for the clubs on the final day of their tenure-bracket tournaments, with Grilled Birds for one netting a draw and a closing win, to finish 867th of 8868 participants with a 5-1-2 record. The 3-3 was against Swiss II.4 titleholders FC Wiehlmys was well-earned, whatever else might be said, given that the former world champions had also won the Switzerland Cup last season, and were only knocked out by new holders Vollmond FC in their trophy defense. The Birds might even have won it with Moey Xin Seng's 77th minute improvisation on Cyril Künzler's deflected pass, but former Andorran international Pere Dolcet would equalize six minutes later, on a poorly-defended indirect free kick.

The 7-2 hammering of Italian fourth divisioners Sparta Novara had to be a step down after a match of that intensity, of which Gilbert Webb - who scored the Birds' last goal of the tourney in injury time - had no doubt. "You don't get to line up against teams such as Wiehlmys too many times in a career, and I'm saying this after experiencing the S-League; it's an achievement just to keep John McCarthy somewhat bottled, and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise!"

The Farmer Bunnies finished a slightly-disappointing 631st of 3654 with five wins and three defeats, the third of which came through German Division Four challengers Village Bombers United on a very heavy pitch. The Bombers owned the first half with conspicuous shooting from distance aided by the inconstant winds, to which Vivian Grubenmann had no recourse. Mushtag Al-Nameeri and Brendan Leung got the Buns back in it by the 79th minute, but Nurlan Ablaev slipped on the potential winner, and Tonny Feddersen grabbed his big chance instead.

It was so much more straightforward against Turkish III.16 entrants Çolpan_Beyi, who were counterattacked into oblivion, Vishnu Tallapaka bagging twice as Bunnies romped home 4-0. Still, head coach Dalibor Kostadinović wasn't too pleased.

"Losing is one thing, but losing matches that we could and should have won - and easily - is another. I can only hope that the players were being consciously careless, because that won't cut it in the league."

Grilled International similarly barely managed a positive return, as they went 4-1-3 for 3246th of 9434 contestants in the Heroes of 2017 Trophy. They outpunched Danish Division Five club CK SLUSH-ICE UDLEJNING 6-3, only to be miserably shut out by German H.I. V.218 side Der Depp, who found three clear goals whilst denying Fausto Perono and company entirely.

Sazwan bin Hj Muhd Salleh, who had an adequate day in midfield, but who couldn't change International's fate, felt that it just wasn't their day. "I'd say we would have won this seven or eight times out of ten. But you know how that goes sometimes."

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