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22 April 2018
Kamm At Brãila Bro

Grilled International let 21 year-old Hungarian midfielder László Kammer leave for Romanian Division Five club FC Dacia Unirea Brãila, in a deal valued at S$6.1 million. It was completed over interest from his boyhood club Piluventus Gönc TC, which Kammer admitted made it a difficult choice.

"Piluventus were an ideal destination in many respects - I do miss Budapest - but I felt there was more space to develop at FC Dacia." he explained. "Villarén likes a traditional 4-4-2, which fits my strengths."

The same strengths, Kammer added, that were not fully appreciated with International. "I understand playing for the team and all that, but I'm really not a winger, and wouldn't have flourished there. Otherwise, I had a good stint in Brunei."

Tajit bin Mohd wished the departing player best of luck with his new club, and confessed that Sunday's record setback had taken a heavy toll on the squad. "It's not something you can just wave your hands and dismiss. We're facing an uphill task against Cameokazi Extras too in midweek, and it's all we can do to stay professional."

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