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Grilled Birds 4 - 4 ~Pollen~
League, Season 6822 April 2018 04:30 HTT
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E For Excess

Grilled head coach Hovaness Noubaryan was torn over his approach to the match. "On one hand, we dropped two points, and were absolutely terrible in the first half-hour or so." he mused. "But no coach alive could reasonably object to how we rallied from there."

"I'll defer my opinions to next weekend, then." he decided.

It will not be an easy test, with Ropelearner FC playing hosts fresh from unseating a poor -Blitz- side. The defending champions were a pale shadow of what they were short months ago, and they were shot to pieces despite Koray Güner's early foot injury. Miklós Eszik picked up the slack for Ropelearner FC, with two resounding pots from deep.

ArSenal U21 would maintain their top dog position on goal difference, after a wholly expected 5-0 whitewash of Cloudz United, though at the cost of Jonne Matero being suspended for their cup game. newbies are newbies did the same to Red Chaos, who would find no way past their visitors' nigh-impregnable defensive line.

Farmer Bunnies kept the pace in III.11 with a steady 5-0 victory over GoonSquad, with Ibrahim Zahran Al-Maashany indeed not missed much as Abderahim Bentellis stepped in. The 37 year-old Algerian was a willing contributor despite not finding the net, and Enzo Paolo Panzarino's brace owed a lot to the distraction that Bentellis offered.

Sikong Darong declared that he would accept nothing less than three points against second-placed Ang Mohs in flip flops next, what with their main strikers Alfredo Magdiná and Oliver Debono having to come off due to injury today. "Unium F.C are piling on the goals, we don't want to be too far behind when we get our turn at them after that!"

There was a bitter pill to swallow for Grilled International, though, as they suffered their heaviest league defeat ever against Tanzania's Real Internationale CF. International had, in fact, never lost by more than four before this, but Internationale's German striker Alexander Demikhov had totally no humour about that.

A bedraggled Tommy Dongelmans had to admit that Internationale were good value for the win, painful as it was. "We were completely overrun. It wasn't even close."

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