9 Rinor Isufi
"The Albanian Eagle"
PositionCFAppearances84 (13)
Date of Birth27th OctoberCompetitive Goals48 (24/23/1)
Height188 cmCompetitive Hattricks3
Weight78 kgFriendly Goals34
Blood GroupA+Injuries1
Cards0 Red, 6 Yellow
FromKiślotrans, SG$5 700 000 (Season 57)
ToLeos Leonberg, SG$7 500 000 (Season 63)

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Hailed as a gifted striker the moment he stepped onto the pitch for Kudi's youth side, Isufi made his national U-20 debut while at Italian club Cap Magde, having commanded a S$3.8 million fee while still a teenager.

Despite winning eight of his ten caps there, he was not completely happy, and angled for a move, which he soon got. The combustible forward has since gone through three more sides before getting recruited by Grilled, but while his temper might be unpleasant at times, all is forgotten when he cuts through defences like butter with his almost unnatural pace.

Isufi proved not to be the easiest to work with, though, as his ego often led to much friction, especially with the coaching staff. He would eventually leave on indifferent terms at thirty, not having achieved the glory that he had desired with Grilled.

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