08 December 2014
Aswad Added

Farmer Bunnies would add United Warrior Team prodigy Aswad Mohd Jafni to their burgeoning collection of wonderkids, once more bursting their transfer record with the S$1.2 million doled out. Every penny was required, though, with SFS Kwidzyn (Polish Division Five) and El Bàrbaro del Fùtbol (Cuban Division Three) both on the prowl.

This coming so soon after Tham Leng Teck and Kwek Yun Jie were sent up from the Rabbits youth side, the overwhelmed Bunnies support hardly knew what to think. "We're really punching above our weight, when it comes to raw potential." a happy supporter posted to the club forum.

Elias van Dal was certainly beaming from ear to ear at the capture. "There's no more than a month between the three of them - they're the very definition of peers." the head coach said. "I'm counting on them to push each other to greater heights."

Aswad may however have to work on his tact, after he was caught carelessly insinuating that he had come from a better club. "You don't get as many openings at former cupwinners, as you get elsewhere." the new Number 35 reasoned. "The competition is simply not the same."

Judging from fan reaction, though, the youngster has been easily forgiven. "Well, it's not as if he's wrong." one understanding clubmember pointed out. "If he trains and plays hard, that's enough for me."

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