Be Champions FC 5 - 0 Grilled Birds
Tournament (Playoffs), Season 5712 December 2014 14:00 HTT
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No Complaints

Grilled captain Tian Yonghang could only concede that Be Champions FC were deserving winners. "What can I say? We didn't do too badly, but they were just that good. Barring some misfortune, they could well dominate the scene for a while yet."

"Flames, Champions and singnet_utd are as difficult a set of clubs to face as there are in Singapore, and it's not gone too well for us two-thirds of the way in. However, I do believe that the scoreline did not reflect the chances we had either, and hopefully luck will be on our side come Sunday."

Be Champions FC must now be favourites to take the trophy, and Ropelearner FC will have to be at their absolute best to get past them. Wingback Albert Mitusov was dominant in the air against Edbe FC, but his next opponents are a different kettle of fish.

In the other bracket, singnet_utd meet Shining Lights, after the duo disposed of United Warrior Team and Arrogancae respectively. The former look like BCFC's main remaining obstacle, after their convincing win over a combative Warriors, while Friedrich Vogel's silly red card after just 16 minutes doomed Arrogancae to defeat.

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    No Complaints
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