FC La Trappe 0 - 8 Grilled Birds
Cup (Round 3), Season 5710 December 2014 04:30 HTT
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Buns Bungle Through

New buy Aswad Mohd Jafni had a modest debut as Farmer Bunnies did just enough to get past Hanns in the Ruby Challenger Cup, currently still in the possession of Grilled. Former BCFC trainee Lim Rong Su came on after a bad knock on Lew Jia Chuan, and he would score the winner off a backheader from Berndt Weißhaus.

"I didn't think that one would come to me." the goalscorer noted. "But just as well that it did, we weren't looking like scoring, honestly."

As for Grilled, round four will see them at the massive 120000-seater HitMen Arena versus De_Sangkakala United, whom they have defeated twice during their time in III.13. Their latest meeting in a tournament setting saw De_Sangkakala prevail 3-0, however, a thrashing which Woon Shun An still remembers.

"It was a terrible showing." Woon recalled. "We had the ball, but couldn't produce anything with it. There had better not be a repeat."

Other than Twenty2 FC, the most notable upset of the round was newbies are newbies, who were beaten 6-3 by Test Runz Spurs in a display that could only be described as disorganized. The disappearance of their club owner has hung over newbies for some time, and seems to have finally had an impact on the pitch.

The day also saw the end of inaugural Singapore Consolation Cup winners Purmei Hillock's mindboggling 24 game winning streak, as they were taken down by new II.2 arrivals Asparagus. Colourful newcomers Wastetime too exited at the hands of Club Dinosauria, and will have to wait a while longer to fulfil their high targets.

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    Buns Bungle Through
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