Isle of Flames 5 - 4 Grilled Birds
League, Season 5707 December 2014 04:30 HTT
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Taste Of The Top

The Grilled travellers who made the journey up to Woodlands were split between being disappointed at how nearly they came to a draw, and happy at how well their team stood back up, after an extremely unauspicious start.

"Losing 4-5 isn't that bad, all considered." longtime fan Mohd Ainur Saliman said. "It's away against Isle of Flames, after all. Only QUT FC bested them here last season, and that was with a bit of good fortune."

Djan Bacelar too was proud of his team. "It was one of the hardest fixtures on the calender, and I'd say we lost the first half, but won the second. They just had that tiny bit extra today. I'm already looking forward to the return match."

The result moved Flames level with Grilled on points, if still one behind on goal difference, with Charis FC moving ahead of both with their 4-2 win against Pearl Divers.

Early leaders Be Champions FC and Pudgy Penguins pulled away, with BCFC establishing themselves as favourites following their superlative 2-1 victory over singnet_utd. Penguins were rather less spectacular as they had to rely on two late goals to beat QUT FC, but no less effective all said.

"It's hard to see who can match BCFC at their best." Bacelar admitted. "However, leagues aren't won by individual displays, impressive as they may be. There's still a very long road ahead."

Farmer Bunnies got a welcome respite against in-administration munchnomgroan, with newcomer Kwek Yun Jie taking only nine minutes to score on his debut. German midfield general Berndt Weißhaus then grabbed two, as Bunnies eased to an easy 5-0.

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