Grilled Birds 2 - 0 Controlar
League, Season 8703 March 2024 04:30 HTT
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All Unbowed

The hard-earned home win against Controlar meant that Grilled Birds were the only unbeaten club left in III.1, with this being their fourth league win on the trot. The result would also drop Controlar to fourth place as both tpyers and Phantasm Hotspurs won their fixtures, and that with Kwok Ho Shi showing ggttbtbyny no mercy in plundering a hat-trick in a 6-0, to ensure that Gústav Thoroddsen would not run away with the Golden Boot too early.

On that, Mohd Marzuki Khairul retained few worries. "Only Gústav is going to stop himself, by the looks of it. Controlar's defenders are all top-class, and look where that got them once he set his mind on the job."

The Hotspurs punished Grilled Birds' next opponents Mayuyu AKB48 4-0 with little trouble, which should bode well for the Birds next weekend; last but no least, Shadow Chaser(R) SC would grab their first points of the season by flattening Sporting Reifeles 4-1 playing away, with the latter's Ben Doan moreover suffering a concerning collarbone injury.

There was much less bravado about Farmer Bunnies' entirely businesslike 1-0 taming of league leaders Mangrove Pittas, who played right into the Buns' counterattacking tactics in the first half. Lone French forward Loïc Gazel could not do much against the Buns' suffocating defence, and Ho Ah Kian would pounce on an odd rebound in the 39th minute, before anybody else reacted. That he missed a host of other chances was immaterial, as Farmer Bunnies came out with full points.

That would not prevent Brighton UK and FC Jurong Rovers from staying a point ahead of them, despite their unbeaten record, as Brighton recorded a quality 3-1 victory at Really McCoys, while Rovers traded goals with SK28 in a 5-4 extravaganza, that may however see SK28 goalkeeper Kwok Feng Ping out for a month with a badly strained calf. FC Phondle took advantage of their visit to Sengkang Town FC to get up to fifth place, as they wiped the stragglers 6-0.

Grilled International would keep up the good work as they like the Birds made it four out of four, and with Swiss side AC Rabissale being the opponents, this was a victory that actually meant something for once. Anfinnur Næs opened with a powerful shot past Darshana De Abrew from the left side in the 27th, and with Chua Jun Long given the full and undivided attention of Andrej Maksimović, this looked like another tragedy in the making for International.

Old reliable Safari bin Hj Jali was having none of that, and the 38 year-old veteran would mirror Næs's strike five minutes on, having already tested Ignasi Milian up close earlier on. Russian midfielder Yaroslav Mozol falling victim to a pulled back would not hurt International's prospects either, what with German vet Gordon Leibold being a serviceable if much less mobile replacement.

It wouldn't even take much longer for International to claim the lead, as Phua Li Kong ran onto Waldemar Gołata's crisp forward pass two minutes after the restart. Chua would nearly have his satisfaction in injury time after giving Maksimović the slip, but even he would agree that the points were all that mattered in the end.

Amelinho Kickers would stay behind AC Rabissale on goal difference despite the defeat, as they were held to two goals by Ponyhof, much of that down to the combativeness of the eventually-dismissed Matthäus Winkler. SFK Ajaks beat Elefanten der Wüste 4-1 to rise to fourth place, as Nice AS edged out Baboon Show St. Pauli thanks to Stéphane Dalmas' nerveless 58th minute penalty conversion.

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