01 March 2024
Phoenixes March In

Four-time Challenger Cup winners Tampines Phoenix F.C. have oft been involved with Grilled Birds in the transfer market - with their last transaction involving Taufiq Al Fatih after returning Kalki Parvathaneni to the Birds some six seasons back - and they have returned to raid the Chicken Wings youth academy for promising playmaker Ken Mukai. As if that were not enough, the Buns' Yusri Nahlan caught head coach Ng Yun Shi's eye too, for a double swoop.

Mukai had been considered one of the Wings' top midfield prospects for his age group, and according to chief scout Tham Beng Li, his blend of versatility and steel was hard to find. "Usually, the kids who are tough aren't very agreeable, but Ken is almost too nice despite being very, very hard." Tham said. "He should take control more, but other than that, we have had few complaints skills-wise!"

As for Nahlan, also seventeen, the twinkle-toed left winger would be considered a project by his recruiter Tong Han Kong. "He's fine at moving up the flank and putting in the crosses, but that gets slightly predictable after awhile. If he learns to mix it up more, he should find greater success."

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